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Main seal leak

The dealer says a right rear seal and main seal on my 2006 Acura TL is leaking. I don’t see any sign of it. The car only has 76k miles. Should I repair it or trade it? The dealer wants $1700 to fix both seals. He also wants to replace 2 motor mounts for several hundred$$. Isnt this unusual for an Acura to have such expensive problems? I have kept it well maintained.

Find a trusted independent mechanic and get a second opinion. There are seal leaks and then there are seal leaks that require repair. I have had one on my truck for ten years, but the oil consumption is very little between oil change intervals. Yours might be worth watching, but not repairing. Additionally an independent mechanic is likely to come in less for the job than the dealer. Motor mounts may need replaced, but the dealer is generally the most expensive route.

To be sure, I have not had to replace motor mounts at this mileage on any of my cars, but it may be required.