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Qualified Mechanic for 2002 Prius

How to find a “qualified” mechanic for 2002 Prius (bought used). Tried general Toyota mech. (of VERY FEW on recommended list w/in 10 mile radius of Downey in S/E L.A. Co.)–but he only does tuneups & similar light work. Toyota Dealer quoted $2300(!!!) for replacement of “ABS accumulator” (brakes went out–pedal to floor–after only 70k miles). (Dealer “never heard of one needing replacement”–yeah, right!)

Didn’t know I had bought a luxury car… Already regretting purchase of such untested technology.

ABS brakes are always expensive to repair. Any decent brake mechanic could have repaired your car… Since the technology used in the Prius is unique, you are committed to dealer service for any “drivability” problems…

I would keep looking for a local mechanic. Frankly I have been very impressed with the reliability and function of their “new technology.” There has been far fewer problems than I would have expected. I would suggest that you may have just been unlucky or have been the victim of poor mechanics.

BTW I would also be surprised at an accumulator needing replacement and I would have been very disappointed at that price!!!