Prius repair

I want a non dealership mechanic in the Dallas, Richardson, TX area who can replace the inverter water pump. I used to be able to find a mechanic on this site by Make and Model. Now I just get list of mechanice by area. Can you help me?

Go To Some Major Auto Parts Stores In The Dallas, Richardson, TX Area And Ask For Recommendations. These Folks Often Have An Idea Of Who Works On Them And Also Which Shops Are Quality.

Then call or stop by the shops and check them out for yourself and see if you want to make an appointment there.

Are you looking for an independent shop in order to get the work done cheaper ?

I’d have a Toyota dealership’s estimate in mind while checking. Sometimes one doesn’t save by using an independent, although it is usually the case.


Call several Toyota Dealers in the DFW area for a quote. There are plenty.
Compare that to what several Independent shops specializing in Toyota will charge.
Personally I have had good experiences with the people at they specialize in Volvo Honda and Toyota. They are in Farmers Branch/N. Dallas.

CSA-I’ve been calling word of mouth shops and found one that is $200 cheaper than my dealership and is also one of the Car Guys recommended mechanics. It is Davis Automotive in Richardson. Thanks for the method.

Bada Bing 2010
Thanks for web site in Farmers Branch.I’ll check it out