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Considering a 2002 Prius

This one has 105,000 miles. Dealer got it as a trade in and has a good asking price ($6900).

So, how many miles should this one get. How is the maintenance cost on this car? Who has a Prius…what do you think?


So far they seem to be lasting at least as many miles as other cars. That should take them to 200,000 and more.

There is still some question about the parts that are unique to the Prius because there is no record so far. That said, so far those unique parts have been lasting very well and much better than I expected them to do. All the hybrid manufacturers should be proud of what they have done.

At that age/mileage, expect to change the timing belt/water pump, that’s the mileage that most manufacturers recommend them being replaced. The previous owner probably found out how much it was gonna cost and decided to dump it instead.

Doesn’t this model have a timing chain?

Hmm…water pump. Might checkout that cost. Anyone know?

Gates does not call for a timing belt on the Prius. Ask the dealer what a water pump replacement costs. If you have a mechanic you do business with, as him, too. How many miles are on it? $6900 is about $3000 under dealer price around here.

Then I stand corrected. The mileage was right on, so I just assumed it had a belt

It’s always worth asking about, and it’s great to have resources like Gates available.