Puzzler Answer -- Wrong!

Has anyone else noticed – they got the answer wrong to the football question? There are at least two ways for a team without a placekicker to score an odd number of points: One is called a Conversion Safety, and it’s worth one point. To quote Wikipedia, “While safeties are generally worth two points, they are worth one when they occur during a point-after attempt.” (See http://en…_score%29.) Another way is by forfeit – the score is then 1-0.

That link should read (after the //)

Yes, I was going to post this also!

Also, you don’t need to have a place kicker to score field goals or extra point. From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_kick. Doug Flutie scored on a drop kick back in 2006. I only noticed this because one of the Colorado high school teams had a drop kick field goal scored a month or two ago.

When I first heard the Puzzler the week before, I dismissed the “odd-score” answer right off the bat since they specifically mentioned schools which would, generally, have the “one-point safety” rule.

So, is there any correct answer?

There are two correct answers: the team without a placekicker cannot field a placekicker, and cannot score points on a placekicker’s kick.

Would they also have to drop kick for kickoffs?