Put in a new battery today, miss in neutral at 4k rpm

2003 windstar, any ideas?

Drive it for a while first, before assuming something is wrong. The computer probably needs to relearn the engine parameters.

Had a memory saver, maybe a throttle speed limiter? More info, wifey at the library, car no crank, guages went wild, then after 4 or 5 trys started. Battery massive amounts of corrosion on terminals, 5 years old, did a continuity test, some resistance on negative side. evidince of battery fluid spilling from negative post, and swelling up on corners of battery top, so all connections cleaned except major battery to engine block, cannot see where that thing terminates, smaller lead from battery cleaned at mounting point to frame in front of radiator no ohms on post to ground after new battery and terminal cleaning.

The computer has a rev limiter that cuts power to the engine when the RPM’s get too high in park/neutral.


Thanks, nice to know @tester

I have an '03 T’bird the basically refuses to rev up when in neutral. It is fine when in gear. I think the computer set up limits the revs when there is no load on the engine. Why would you want to rev to 4 grand in neutral anyway? If it drives OK in gear with no misses I think you are OK.

BTW my T’bird is a throttle by wire set up and if that is the same with your Windstar I’d expect the computer programming includes the rev limiting in neutral too.

“Why would you want to rev to 4 grand in neutral anyway? If it drives OK in gear with no misses I think you are OK.”


Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Stop doing that!

+2 for Uncle Turbo . There is no reason to rev an engine to 4K unless you are drag racing. If you are racing an '03 Winstar…I bet you are seeing a lot of tail lights when you leave the starting line.

So, how’s it run when you’re driving it?

Runs fine, just wanted to kick a little extra juice in the battery if it needed it.

A nice drive in the country is the best approach.


Just don’t try to rev the engine to 4,000 RPM’s when in park or neutral.:wink:


Did not have time, agree entirely.

Most alternators should put out close to max charge at just about 2000 rpm. No need for rpm’s above 2K.