'13 Veloster won't go above 2000 RPM after battery replacement

We replaced the battery in the car and now the car will not go above 2000 RPMs whether idling or driving, does anyone have some possible ideas? Thanks!

  • Which model, regular or turbo?

  • Which transmission (manual, DCT, or automatic)?

  • Is the check engine light on?

make sure the battery is fully charged. it seems like you may be in limp mode. this happens if the battery does not have enough voltage. even though its a new battery it may have been sitting around a while and not fully charged. are you sure you had a battery problem and not a alternator problem that was not charging the battery?

Regular (remix)
Check engine light been on for 6 months

Disconnect the red cable first and the black cable second. Let the car sit with no battery hooked up for at LEAST an hour. Now, important part, hook up the black cable (ground cable) first and tighten it. Then connect the red positive cable and you should have no sparks and you should also have no problems.

After I did this, all my turbo waste gate problems went away and all of my transmission shifting problems went away and no more check engine lights!


Thank you for responding. We did check the alternator. The battery was registering 10.5 with the car off and 14.3 with the car on and the alternator charging. We were told that meant the battery was gone. In addition, we did have them do a test when returned the battery and the indicated it had a bad core.

We’re not having any shifting problems, per se, it is a manual. The revs just won’t go above 2,000. I’m not sure if that is the same.

Follow @Tester 's advice, but also, do you know why the check engine light is on? Is it on solid, or flashing?

Unless you live in California, you can get the check engine code read for free at an auto parts store. Get the actual code, which will be a P followed by 4 numbers, and post it here.

Even in neutral it will not rev up, would that still be a shifting problem?

Engine light is solid.

It has been one thing after another with this car. First the headlights keep going out, changing them again, two days later the battery is bad, replace the battery and now the car will not rev up.

The Powertrain control module has detected a fault and placed the engine in limp mode, get the fault codes read.


I suspect if you get the codes read, you will find a fault in the throttle position sensor.


It has an accelerator pedal position sensor.


Thanks to everyone.

Is it unusual that this would happen immediately after a new battery was installed or just coincidence.

No coincincidence, your car has been screwed up for at least 6 months. That is what the check engjne light means. It is just screwed up a little more.

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your reply mad me laugh.

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I think it has both. I don’t know why it would need both, but the manual says it has 'em:


See numbers 5 and 13. (the TPS is part of the electronic throttle control module)

The PCM needs to know the position of the throttle blade. There are two TPS sensors inside, the two values are compared, if there is a correlation issue the PCM will shut down the throttle.

The engine will only idle, that is different from limp mode.

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I’m happy to bring a laugh to anyone. It actually made me laugh when I went back and re-read it. I am not a blond lol, but it sounded like it. Obviously there are other problems since the engine light is on lolol. I was just hoping for a quick fix to get the car running. I’m working three jobs already trying to make it. insert embarrassed face

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

sorry if you thought I was laughing at you. I was laughing at mustangman’s answer

LOL either way - I deserved a laugh and came across a little ditzy. It IS screwed up a little more than just that :slight_smile: