Put diesel in my 1994 Jeep Cherokee by mistake

I put 5 gals. Diesiel fuel by mistake can i drive my jeep

Not very far, maybe 100-200 yards.

What is going on here? I think this is the third post about putting diesel fuel in a vehicle by mistake in the last few weeks. I wish they would tell how they did this?

I was thinking the same thing @VOLVO_V70

That farmer is going to be peeved. All these people trying to steal gas at night.


Perhaps with a 5 gallon gas can…
Yosemite may be right. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or the guy in the excavator at the construction site keeps wondering why his machine is suddenly using so much fuel…

I have drained diesel fuel from may vehicles that were fill by mistake, people around here buy their fuel at gas stations.

Yes, but all modern cats have filler neck openings that are too small for the diesel pump nozzle. Unfortunately, there is nothing to stop you from putting gasoline in your diesel.

My wife and I were getting gas in Grand Junction Colorado at a combination truck stop/convenience-store/restaurant. At the pump next to us was the largest U-haul truck they rent, the 24 foot one with the power liftgate on the back. The driver was standing there talking with U-haul on the phone telling them it had just quit with no warning. I told my wife we were pulling out as soon as I filled the tank and were not going to eat because I didn’t want to be around when he found out he had filled a diesel truck with gasoline.

It happens. When I was stationed in CA, junior enlisted people were assigned to drive a box truck from Edwards AFB to these Marine base at Barstow. One young airman filled up the diesel truck with gas. The following week another airman, not wishing to make the same mistake, filled up the Dodge D100 with diesel!
One of the lighter misadventures, another airman made a wrong turn on the way to Barstow and ended up in Los Vegas.

Rest easy, the Air Force is here to protect you…lol