Put car in reverse before turning on engine, now engine won't start

-TLDR: 4th gear transmission issue, accidentally put in reverse before starting engine, engine won’t turn on and car is clicking at me, did i kill it?!
-Full rundown: Recently I was told my Jeep Liberty 06 had a transmission issue, specifically my 4th gear is malfunctioning. I decided to drive it home and sell it, the mechanic first showed me how to disable overdrive. I drove it home, 10 miles, then another ~8 miles the next day, overdrive disabled. Today I moved it up the driveway, overdrive disabled, parked it, turned off the engine. A few minutes later i went to move it back, but accidentally put it in reverse before turning on the engine. I immediately pressed on the brake and put it in park. When i tried to start the engine, it wouldn’t turn, doing this clicking noise, steering wheel and brake are locked. Is all of this related? Did i put the final nail in my car’s coffin?
Another side question, I’ve put so much time and money into this car, I wish i could fix it up but don’t have the money for a transmission repair. What’s the best way to get the most money out of this? Besides the 4th gear issue, it just needed a wheel alignment. 4 new tires Jan '18, new alternator and battery July '18, new ignition and rebuilt air conditioning July '17. I paid it all off myself, which was so hard to do as a teenager and struggling young adult. I really need to get at least $1,000 out of it for a new car. Thanks in advance for any response and advice.

Usually, rapid clicking is a symptom of a dead or weak battery. How old is it?

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I think that is just a coincidence, shifting the transmission should not have hurt anything.
Even though your battery is only a year old it it could have failed and/or your there is a problem with the charging system. So a couple of options: remove the battery and take it to be tested and charged or get a jump start. If the jump works, take it in to have the charging system system and battery checked. When you state OD “disabled” do you mean switched off using the OD on/off switch or did the mechanic do something to your car? BTW did any warning lights, other than OD light off, show up on your drive home?

Battery and alternator were replaced a little under a year ago

Okay will have the battery and charging system checked. There’s a button on the side of the gear shift the mechanic showed me to click before driving for the O/D off. The only light that’s been on is my check engine light, but that came on about a week ago pulling off the interstate and I immediately took it to autozone and got codes like P0700, then dropped it off at the shop