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2006 Jeep Liberty- Trying to figure out whats wrong

So here are the symptoms:

  • When putting into drive, it stayed in reverse. When put into park it still went in reverse
  • Shut the car off then tried to turn back on. It did not turn over, not even a sound.
  • Started charging battery but when said full, it still did not turn over. Dash and lights all work.
  • The steering column also will not lock anymore for some reason
  • Past couple days before this happened the driver side window was also not working correctly. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt.

Now I think I did leave the headlights on by accident and it was around 30 degrees were I live. I read that it might be electric but I figured I would ask to get a detailed answer.

Sounds like the shifter cable has broken. The reason I say this is; won’t go into the gear you want, won’t unlock the steering column and won’t trigger the shifter safety switch into neutral or park so the car will start.

Take a look under the car at the shift linkage. Have a friend move the shifter lever. Does the transmission shift lever move? With a regular motion? I.e. the shifter moves one gear, the transmission moves on detent, ect.

If the motion appears sloppy or non-existent, pull the console apart so you can see into the shifter. I suspect you will find a broken part in the shifter itself. I’d suggest a wrecking yard to find a replacement.

The power window is a separate problem.


The problem might be with a faulty transmission range sensor/park-neutral safety switch.,2006,liberty,3.7l+v6,1432214,electrical-switch+&+relay,neutral+safety+switch+/+range+sensor,4584

This switch informs the computer which gear is selected, and the computer operates solenoids within the transmission to engage that gear.

This switch also prevents the starter from operating unless the transmission is in park or neutral.

This switch also turns on the reverse lights when the transmission is shifted into reverse.

Try shifting the transmission into reverse and see if the reverse lights come on. If they don’t, the problem is with this switch.


The gear shift cable is loose, the grommet one one of the ends may have failed.