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04 Jeep Liberty

I have a 04 3.7L V6 Jeep Liberty with about 114K miles on it. It started happening recently that when I turn the key nothing happens. I have to put my foot on the brake, shift thru the gears, back to Park, take my foot off the brake, and then the car will start. Not quite sure where to start…

You have a bad or loose neutral safety switch. I bet if you tried the jeep would start in neutral as well.

Maybe a bad ignition interlock switch. This is an adjustable sensor. Have you tried just moving the transmission to N(neutral)? This is a safety feature to make sure the car is not in gear when starting. If the park location is off often the neutral works and lets you get going. This is normally not a big money fix(less than 80$) at an independent shop.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. Is the neutral safety switch something I could replace on my own?