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Pushrod hole missed...rod now between banks on chevy v8

While replacing valve stem seals (engine in car) I accidentally missed the push rod hole and rod slipped on down before I could retrieve it…I believe I can safely leave the rod in the chamber…truck will be operated a very moderate speeds…dont believe this pushrod can fowl up anything in the chamber between the two banks of lifters, etc. Do you agree? Ray

I would get it out of there. There are lots of moving parts down in the valley…

If it was able to drop in, then you should be able to fish it out with a professional, flexible, magnet wand… Remove a few rockers and push-rods and get in there!

I agree. The one place you don’t think the pushrod can get to to cause damage is exactly where it’s headed to next.

Your camshaft is between those banks of lifters.
There’s usually a hole leading to the cam chain area.

It can get wedged between other pushrods and the engine wall, it can get into the rotating cam assembly, it might get into the camchain area.

Those are all places you really don’t want a loose pushrod to get into.


That’s not a risk I would be willing to take. Get in there and get the pushrod out. The magnet wand is a good idea.

Thanks guys…you have convinced me…will try to retrieve the rod today without taking the intake off…also have a feeling that engine is gunked up more than normal…any suggestions about the best way to combat this (without taking pan or intake off…I am still a novice but love to learn by asking questions…thanks…ray

Why not bite the bullet and lift the intake? Then inspect and clean as needed. And add the pump drive gears to the accidents waiting to happen with that loose push rod.

Believe it or not…we “fished” the pushrod out with the flesable wand type of magnet.(mostly my buddy)…the scary thing we learned was that the oil drainage hole on the back side of each head was completely stopped up…dont know whether to fight the gunk with an additive or just drive the truck and play like I dont know about it…would be interested in suggestions…thanks, Ray

Don’t let your lucky streak go to waste. Use a piece of wire to open the drain passages and be very grateful for your friend’s talent and your luck.