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More Chev 3400 lifter stuff

Motor had bad head gasket and lifter tap
Cleaned lifters rockers pushrods
Still has lifter tap
I did not replace these parts
So I have worn clean lifter parts?
Why does my clean running motor stil have tap?

  1. worn parts
  2. low oil pressure?
  3. my sis has same suv, no tap
    so is it a bad design? luck? fate?

Why do you think the tap is from a lifter?

Did you measure the valve clearance when you assembled the valve train?

timing chain has tensioner. Normal for chain area to “click” when going forward/rev with ratchet on crank bolt?

The push rods should be free to easily turn when the cylinder is at TDC for compression.

If you have ZERO lash it is unlikely that the problem is in the valve train.

coworker picked up 01 3400 alero last week. It purrs.

i saw video where person rotated crank for/rev and got a snap sound from effort. due to timing belt slack hitting belt guide? i did that with my motor and got same sound. so, i took off intake again and 1 of the pushrods is bent. what??? yes i got an intake mixed up with exhaust. thanks GM. yes its my fault. but i had noise when i ran it before i took motor apart 2 weeks ago. and same noise now? i checked every pushrod for straightness before i put it back together.
so, should i pull head off to check valve seat now?

I don’t see how a bent pushrod would damage the valve seat. the only thing that holds the valve against the seat is the valve spring. The bent pushrod suggests it might have pressed the valve too far down however. And a bent pushrod could have damaged the valve guides. I’d say to leave the head on, and see if the engine compression is good, and if it blows smoke at first startup or not.

boneyard will sell me lifters/pushrods/rockers for $22 for all 36 parts. Has 3 noxs in yard. If it makes noise after that than it is bottom end.
edit: pull head to check if valve is bent? saying valve seat might have been misleading

I’m guessing the $22 in parts (and quite a bit of work) will fix the noise. Still may have a damaged valve guide though. Cross your fingers. Best of luck.

changing all the moving parts normally would be a good attempt at fixing the issue?
i just wonder when i see multiple posts online and videos that show the same issue
and no resolution?