Pushing the gas the car does not move

i push the gas pedal down and the car doesnt want to go it hesitates, it revs up when i push the gas and doesnt want to move

i have to turn the engine off and turn it back on then it moves with hesitations.

any help is greatly appreciated.

I have to assume that this is an automatic transmission? What you describe is a dead automatic transmission. Either that or some seriously stuck brakes.

Check your transmission fluid - owner’s manual gives the proper procedure which is usually hot engine, running, level ground, in park. Note the level, color and smell and report back.

yes automatic transmission. one other item i have to add is that we are in the East Coast near Washington DC going through huge snow storm. i wonder if cold has anything to do with it since this started yesterday.

Model year, miles on car?? And yes, check the transmission fluid. Does it back up OK?

it is 1999, 152K millage.
when stuck no backup or reverse. The only way is to turn the car off, tune it back on, then starts to move.
thanks again.

HOW does it move with hesitation? WHAT hesitates? Does the car’s move forward and then hesitate? Does the engine rpm hesitate? Does the car hesitate, and the engine rpm race?
And, check the transmission fluid level. The level must show in the hatch area on the dipstick.

it is the engine rpm hesitation. thanks again