Starter whirrs 3 sec after starting

90 Camry 4cyl Starts up fine but whirrs for 3-4 sconds. Is it the solenoid or bendix ? How long will this hold up (if I can’t get the starter put in this week) Can i buy jurt the soenoid or bendix? Thanks guys…haven’t been around lately , Mike

You’ll have a hard time finding just the solenoid/bendix. It’s not impossible, but difficult. Much easier to replace the whole starter/solenoid as a unit.

Why mess around? If one is bad they’re probably both bad, especially considering the age of your car.

Your local parts store will have a rebuilt starter/solenoid unit for not too much money. Buy one and install it before your starter gives out completely.

Minor nit:
The name “Bendix” is a company name who made the majority of starter drives for years. Vincent Bendix invented the starter drive and began using them in cars around 1914.

The Bendix company was in existance for 60 years and was acquired by another company in the 1980s. I have no idea if they are still manufacturing starter drives with the “Bendix” name on them or what percentage of starter drives in today’s cars are using them.