Purchase additives dispensed in gas at pump?

What is this all about?

(Called to rush blood, I had no time to investigate.)

At a King Soopers (Kroger) grocery store, next to the gas pump is a panel from which additives can be selected.

They are mixed into the fuel as it is dispensed.

One additive claims that it improves mileage.

Do the additives actually do anything?

Worth the cost?

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Now I understand. Not worth it, especially the one that ‘improves milage’. Makes me wonder how bad the ‘standard’ gas is…

Vitamins for cars…The only thing that gets improved is Kroger’s bottom line.

You sell a product without telling the consumer what the product is…Why didn’t I think of that…

Or…Consumers will now be asked to purchase the additive package separately from the gasoline…$3.07 is for the gasoline…You want additives?? That’s .16 cents a gallon more…

The only additive that improves the mileage of gasoline is more gasoline.

“Additives” probably hurt your mileage more than they help, because they contain less energy than gasoline. However, they do useful things like keep your fuel injectors clean (detergents) and stabilize the gas.

Sounds like a way to increase profit to me. I wouldn’t spend a penny on them. Gasoline, by federal law, already has all the additives you need.

There is no additive that increases fuel mileage. Save your money.

Is this in a rack next to those “5 hour energy boost” products? (they work), not so sure if there is an automotive equivalent.

Decades ago, did someone sell a tablet which one could drop in the gas tank which dissolved and cleaned the fueline and carburetor?

They were called “Moth Balls”…

Did it work?
Today’s mothballs may be a different composition.

I agree. The only additives I would use are stabil in infrequently used motors (storage maybe) and an anti gel and stabil for diesel. If that’s not you, save your dime.

I seriously doubt if the additives will help in a properly running car, but the sales concept is interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of this. From a business standpoint this makes a lot of sense. It’s a great way to increase reveues through “point of purchase” products right at the pump. It makes them convenient and easy for the consumer to purchase with no added effort.

I wouldn’t pay for the additives, but from a business standpoint I like the idea.

I think some are cleaners.
Nextime I get back there, I’ll post what and co$t.