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Pulsing noise from tires?

Hearing a loud, low frequency pulsing noise coming from front tire(s) from 35 to 50 mph, growing in volume to a max at about 40 mph, and almost gone above about 50 mph. Fundamental pulsing is same frequency as tire rotation. 2003 model year. 105,000 miles. At first I thought tires, but now I’m wondering about the wheel bearing(s).

Thanks for your help.

If you weave side to side, does the noise get louder in one direction and softer in the other?

Nope. Just tried that. The noise actually decreases in either direction I swerve. So now I’m thinking tires. The fronts, where the noise is, are “used” tires I purchased from Discount Tire recently. Perhaps the noise is why the former owner of the tires didn’t use up all the tread before replacing them?

if the tires are worn irregular then they can make noise. you could try rotating and see what happens. noise goes to back of vehicle - tires. noise stays in front - possibly bearings - may require some diagnostic

That funny whack, whack,whack sound is usually the beginning symptom of tread separation, a spot where the tread rubber has come loose from the belt. The loose spot now slaps the road making the noise. It can also be caused by an unevenly worn tread and as the bad spot comes around you hear it hitting the pavement…If it’s separation, the loose spot will wear quickly and become visible after a while as a distortion in the tread. Sometimes the loose spot will break away, leaving a chunk missing from the tread…