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Pulsation when stopping

Sometimes, when I slow down to a stop, I notice the car has a slight forward/backward jerking, as if the brakes are pulsating. I don’t hear a sound or feel anything in the pedal.

Would it mosty likely be a warped rotor, and if so, which one? Or could it be an ABS problem?

I have 2002 Grand Marquis

Warped rotors is the first thing to check.

As waterboy suggested, warped rotors is a good bet. Have you had the brakes replaced recently? If so did you replace the rotors, or did you try to get away without re-cutting them or replacing them?

Yes it sounds like a warped rotor. How could we possibly tell which one?

It’s probably a warped rotor. If you feel it in the steering wheel, it’s probably a front rotor. If you feel it in the seat, it’s probably a rear rotor.

A couple of years ago, I had brake work done. The pads were OK, but I had the front rotors turned, and thewn one was replaced. The current pulsation problem has developed since then.

I do not feel anything in the steering wheel or the pedal. Only the whole car is affected, but not every time I stop.

Do not have the rotors turned. They are too thin to begin with. Replace them. The cost to replace vs. turn is almost the same anyway.

Make sure you have a place that does tire rotations tighten lug nuts properly. Improperly torqued lug nuts can cause rotor warp.