What's wrong with my Brakes?!

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey which my husband and I purchased a year ago used. Over the course of the year we have been dealing with brake problems. No less than a week after we purchased it, we had it at the dealer for pulsation from the brakes and they turned the front rotors. Still didn’t resolve the problem completely and was back again and they turned the rear rotors . 4 months later we’re back with the pulsation and I had my front rotors turned again. Wasn’t quite happy with that as I still felt the pulsation just not as bad. We decided to just let them be and wait. Well the pulsation got worse over time and a month ago went to Pep Boys and they replaced my Front pads and rotors, they inspected all four prior to that and told me they all looked fine. But I insisted that the pulsation was pretty bad that even felt it on the steering wheel. They replaced the front ones. Next day I was back because the pulsation was still there, and they machined the rotors incause they were already deffective. So long story short what else can be causing this. My tie rod ends do not look to be severely worn to possibly cause this, any suggestions?

Getting really tired of this car and all its little quirks and problems honestly.


Has anyone looked at the ABS system?
Try removing the ABS fuse as a diagnostic test. If the pulsing disappears, you know where to look. It’ll probably be a wheel speed sensor, but at least the path to solution iwll be clear.

For the record, the more times you “turn” the rotors is the moe prone they’ll be to warping again. Many, perhaps most, shops just replace them now.

Thanks for your reply. We haven’t checked the ABS and no one had really suggested it up until now. I’ll bring that up next time I bring the car in. Thanks

Is it a shimmy that varies with speed, or is it a machine gun like pulsing? If the latter it may be the ABS. If it is a rotor problem, were it my car I’d just throw a set of the best grade of rotors NAPA has for your car on it. I can usually do this in about 1/2 hour.

I envy you. It takes me hours. And, frankly, I’m afraid to now. Last time I tried I ended up doubled over pumping painkillers while my neighbor put the wheels back on the vehicle and tookl it off the jackstands for me. It’s tough gettin’ old.

It sure sounds like warped rotors. Improper torquing of lug nuts like during a tire rotation is one probable cause. I have brake guys that that will retourqe lugnuts for free to protect their warranty. Today’s rotors getting turned 2 times is pushing the limit. I would suggest trying to get new rotors and checking to make sure a caliper is not sticking that can overheat and warp a rotor.