Brake Pedal feels choppy- warped brake rotors?

Every so often, & lately quite often, when I press down on the brake pedal, it feels choppy & my foot can feel a slight rotation/pulsation as the car slows. Is this a warped brake rotor? The ABS light came on last week as I was driving on the highway & was wondering if this is connected? It wasn’t raining or extremely braking conditions when it came on so I wasn’t quite sure. & also, do you know what repairs are involved in fixing the issue? I’d like to know my bases before I take my car into the repair shop & this forum has been the best! Any advice or assistance will be appreciated! Thank you!

Based on what you say the most likely thing is that your ABS system has an issue. If your ABS activates you will get a pulsation. It sounds like your ABS may be kicking in inappropriately. Your best bet is to find a local shop (i.e. no national chains) that specializes in brakes to have your ABS system evaluated. There isn’t a way to say ahead of time what kinds of repairs might be necessary.

It would be nice to figure out if it’s your ABS system or warped rotors. Can you temporarily take the ABS system out of the equation by pulling a fuse to the ABS system. Then experiment with braking, you’ll still have your normal braking capability, just no anti-lock. If the brake pedal still pulses, it’s probably the rotors. If the pulsing goes away, it was the ABS system acting up. Maybe a wheel speed sensor needs replacing or cleaning.

do you hear a buzzing sound coming from the brake pedal area? If so, your ABS is kicking on for some reason.

Is your steering wheel shaking slightly as well? If so, you have warped rotors.

Have you checked your brake fluid level? Low fluid is the most common cause of the ABS light.

Pulsing is a side effect of ABS. Since your ABS light came on, it’s a safe assumption that your ABS is the cause of your pulsing. There is an easy way to find out. Jack up each corner of the vehicle, and with the vehicle in neutral (use wheel chocks and extra safety awareness) slowly spin each wheel by hand while a friend slowly applies the brakes. If they friction comes on smoothly, the rotors are good. If the friction comes on erratically, you have warped rotors.

Since your ABS light came on that needs looking into also. I’m only suggesting a way to determine if you also have warped rotors.