Pulling feeling (slight momentary power loss) on a `97 Sentra (not tires)

I experience this “pulling” while driving at interstate hwy speeds. At first my mechanic said it’s the tires so I got two front tires and although that helped the problem is still there although not as pronounced.

I took the car on a test drive with my mechanic where he felt the pulling sensation but he didn’t have an explanation for it. Their is no engine lights and I recently replaced some pullies. He said the belts checks out and no sure what else to try without an engine error code. Not sure what else to do…

If I understand the description correct it feels as if the car is trying to pull an object along with it?

If that’s true you may want to have the brakes checked. A dragging rear pad or shoe will give this sensation. It’s just a guess, but it’s a possibility.

Drive the car. Stop and check the wheel temperatures, front and back. If one is noticeably hotter than the others, that’s the one which is dragging.
In a 12 year old car, it could be the brake hose has deteriorated, internally. Also, the brake caliper could be hanging up.
Check the hose for obstruction by: open a brake bleeder screw; place a clear plastic hose on the bleeder screw; observe the brake fluid stream as someone slowly depresses the brake pedal. If there is no obstruction, the brake fluid will come out as a nice little stream.

The wheels checks out ok. I also had all the brakes checked and they are ok. It’s not a pulling to the left or right but more like and power transfer momentary loss. Maybe it’s there all the time but it’s only noticeable at high speeds. Normally when I cruise at 70 I can feel a slight tug.

It’s not a pulling to the left or right but more like and power transfer momentary loss. I had my brakes checked and they are all ok.
All this is without the AC running and switching it on and off didn’t make a difference. Is any part of the compressor moving even though the AC is off?