Puddle of Coolant

Hadnt driven my Frontier in 6-7 days…started it up & went to the store 2 miles away, came back home 15 minutes later, parked it, went inside, came out 10 minutes later to chuck the trash & saw a big puddle of yellow antifreeze rolling down my driveway. What happened?

The vehicle has developed a coolant leak.

So either you have to get under the vehicle to determine where the leak is, or have it towed to someone who can determine where the leak is.


I give up, what happened?

Seriously, you need to look to see where the antifreeze is leaking from. Knowing the age, mileage, maintenance history, and any other relevant facts would help too.

I’d also like to know where you’re stationed… and what the ambient temperature has been lately. Having been stationed in North Dakota many years ago, I know that can be highly relevant.

Sincerest thanks for your military service.

Frontier? What Is The Make And Model-Year, Please?

Look and see.

My daughter pulled up here at work with the 08 Expedition on Tuesday.
’'DAD…the cars has smoke coming from the thingy ! ! ''
So me and two co-workers went out to the curb to see the ‘‘smoke’’ and the ‘‘thingy’’.
Steam is eminating from under the hood and , like you, a puddle is forming under.
SO ?
So …we need to LOOK !
pop the hood to start with.
Still steaming…good…from where ? . . right side of engine.
LOOKED there . . .A HA ! a light peeing coming from the heater hose tee to the rear heater.
LOOKED…found it…fixed it within the hour , curbside, before work was over, and away we went.

We can’t see it from here.
Either get it to a shop or…look.
From the lower most drip, extrapilate up.
If it has spewed all over, clean first . Then start it up just till pressure builds ( you don’t want to risk overheating ) while you’re looking for clues.

Be sure to check the coolant level in the radiator – not just the overflow bottle – before starting or driving it. You don’t want to turn a minor leak into a heat damaged engine. And keep an eye on the dash engine coolant temp gauge if you do think it remains ok to drive.