PT Looser

I have a 04 cruiser it is the car from hell. the car locks itself if you want it locked or not. I have replaced the A/C and now itis not working again but it has refrigerant. replaced the water pump,oil pump,the timing belt now as I am driving the gas gage will read empty and sometimes it works again sometimes it doesn’t. let’s see what else I am sure there is more. I live with a mechanic ( he thinks so )what should we check for the AC?

Looser than what?

I’m a believer in taking AC problems to a shop specializing in automotive AC repairs. These folks are the experts. Automobile mechanics aren’t always the best choice for solving AC problems.

Maybe something was disconnected during the timing belt replacement and that’s why the AC isn’t working. Check the simple things first.

How about the fuses? Has you live-in mechanic checked them?

Maybe the problem is with your live-in mechanic, and not the car. Is he an ASE certified mechanic? Is he a certified air conditioning technician?

You should not check anything on the AC. You should pay a professional AC technician to diagnose the fix the problem. These systems are not meant to be worked on or repaired by even professional mechanics. They are supposed to be serviced by certified air conditioning technicians.

Mcparadise, have you seen the new Ford vehicle to compete with the PT Looser? It is called the PT Tighter.

The AC problem might be electrical, the door lock problem: electrical, gas gauge: electrical.

With multiple electrical problems check ground connections plus look for loose, wet or corroded wiring connectors

Okay, I need to break this down into its components…

Does the car have an aftermarket antitheft system?

What part(s) of the AC system did you alrady replace?
What are the defect symptoms of the AC system?

The timing belt and water pump would be normal maintenance.

Why did you replace the oil pump?

Lastly, how many miles does the car have on it?

Experiment with an additional ground wire from engine metal to body metal. If you are really lucky, things could improve.