PT Crusier (2006 Touring ed.) still at the dealer after 8 weeks because the wipers are stuck "on"

Last August, during a heat wave, I was picking raspberries in a field west of Portland, OR. When I got into my dusty car to go home, the windshield wipers came on. When I tried to turn them off, I realized they WERE off. Fiddling with the switch did no good -they ran continuously any time the car was turned on.

I needed an oil change anyway, so that evening I drove into the dealership. They wanted me to sign off on a $105 diagnostic fee. I declined, got my oil changed and called my former boyfriend who can sometimes fix electronic things.

A little web research showed that there was no “fuse” associated with the wipers, so we systematically removed/replaced all the fuses, and relay blocks in the “integrated power module” (“IPM”) . After this process, the car would turn “on”, the wipers continued to run, but the engine would not start!! No clicking of the solenoid, no cranking of the engine, nothing. Except all the accessories still functioned and the wipers still would not turn off.

I swallowed my pride, and had the car towed to the dealership. They replaced the main computer (PCM ? ECU ? TIPM ?) - actually under warranty they said due to some emissions-related rule mandated by the government (go figure…they’ve been vague). After ten days with no car, I complained. They offered me a 2012 Dodge Journey as a free loaner, which I’ve now put over 3,000 miles on.

Back to the PT Cruiser…After 3 weeks, they said that they also had to replace the “IPM” which would only set me back $721. Grudgingly, I sighed off on that. After 4 weeks, they said that the new “TIPM” had blown and they were ordering a new one. At 5 weeks, I was told that they were having trouble getting the “TIPM” to talk to the “IPM” and were talking with an expert in S. California, who may need to fly here personally to sort it out. At six weeks, I spoke to the actual technician working on my car, who said he would not leave work that day until the car was fixed.

Last Friday, an entire EIGHT WEEKS since I had brought the car in, the service manager told me that they were in close contact with Chrysler Corporate and were hopeful that they could resolve the issue soon, but as of the current time, the windshield wipers were STILL ON. Does anybody have ANY suggestion or fix?

FInd an old grizzled mechanic to wire the wiper motor to 12V through a simple switch.

This may ont help, but I did some research on the Total Integrated Power Module (TIPM) and it seems to be a body control module, that con5trols all the body functions (wiipers, lights, etc). When I went searching, I discovered that problems with the TIPMs seem to be common on this vehicle. There doesn;t appear to have been any TSBs or recalls, but complaints tatributed to this box are commonplace.

Right now you have a free 2012 Dodge Journey with unlimited mileage. I’d keep driving it for now and see what transpires. Meanwhile, I’d compile data on TIPM failures and use that to contest the charges with Chryco. It may be difficult, as they’ve had serious “health problems” of late, but it’s the best I can offer.

Sincere best.

Maybe the wiper motor itself if faulty. That’s a wild guess because I do not have a wiring schematic to look over.

So now they’re going to fly in help from southern CA to northern OR, huh? I’d take that one with a large grain of salt.

Personally, I would have started by testing the SWITCH to see if it was faulty.
You know, that thing on the steering column that sends a message to the BCM that the driver of the car would really like it if the window wipers were to turn on.

No way on this earth would I have started by replacing expensive computers.