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2016 Town and Country wipers don't shut off

Got my van 2.5 yrs ago and have had nothing but problems. My automatic slider doors open while we are driving, they get stuck and open and close over and over only a quarter of the way… But the worst part is that now my wipers will not shut off! Tried changing the switch and the motor but that didn’t help. I have to remove the fuse to get the wipers to shut off. The speed is stuck on second to high. Sometimes high speed will work as well but not always. Please help!!! I’ve been told it’s the Power Distributing Center/TIPM. But I don’t know

That’s the very first thing that came to my mind!


I have an older T&C that had a wiper problem and it was due to a faulty BCM module that controlled the wipers. I’m not sure if your model is the same basic design mine is so things my be somewhat different. The trouble is most likely within some sort of control module for the wipers.