PT Cruiser wobbling

My PT has a vibration, I’ve replaced rear drums, rear hub assemblies, front brakes and front rotors and all four tires.
The vibration is only while going 55 to 60 MPH
each time I’ve replaced the different parts (rotated the tires and rear drums) the wobble seams to go away for about a few miles and then comes back!
I’m going to replace the front hubs and bearings now, but why would the wobble change each time I changed I’ve changed all these parts around. Could it be a bent rim? or just the front bearings?

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Model-Year ?

One possibility is the inner CV joints, but without knowing the model year and the odometer mileage, that is just a shot in the dark on my part.

One possibility is to jack up the front wheels and put the car in gear. Start the car, put it in gear and run it up to the ‘problem speed’ and have a helper look at whether the tires are shaking/vibrating. This would narrow down which tire is having the problem, assuming it’s one of the front wheels.

Be sure both wheels are off the ground (or if the car has a limited slip differential, that the system is disengaged)
Be sure the back wheels are blocked and the emergency brake is up.
Do not stand in front of the car.
keep your hands, etc. away from the spinning wheels.

Look closely at whether the tires are out of round, bouncing, or have other irregular issues.
The driver may be able to detect vibrations in the steering wheel.
Place your hand on the front fender(s) to identify small vibrations.

If neither ties is the problem the issue may be in a back wheel.

Once the problem tire is identified you can start narrowing down the problem (tire, wheel, CV joint, etc.)

Have you had your rims balanced?

Tie Rods? Probably just like mine. Replaced them twice and I don’t know why they won’t hold. Anyone, any ideas?