Pt cruiser timing belt

my 2002 pt cruiser went for a blown head gasket,the shop replaced the timing belt while they were there anyway but the car ran like junk when i got it back. the mech said it needed a new computer but i had lost faith in them and took it to a dealer instead. turns out the computer was defective but the dealer said the timing belt was off by two teeth. tried to get some money out of the first shop but they flatly refused and said it was impossible for the car to even run if it was off by two teeth. who is right?

As I started reading your post, my first thought was that the timing belt was off a tooth or two. Yes they can run two teeth off, but in some cars, it could do some damage.

this motor is a free running engine which means that the valves will not touch the pistons. the motor will run if the rear/exhaust cam is off by two teeth. it wont run good but it will run. i hope you didnt have to pay for that computer. it is covered 8years or 80k miles.