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2005 PT cruiser question

My wife’s 2005 PT cruiser has recently started acting up. After driving a few minutes, it will start to slow and will not go above 2000 RPM’s. First replaced the O2 sensor, that did not fix the problem. Took it into the dealer and they got a cam shaft sensor error and replaced that. then we are told that the timing belt was “off a couple of teeth” and they fixed that. Now the dealer is telling us that they are still getting the cam shaft sensor code error. PLEASE HELP with any suggestions, it would really be appreciated. are we getting completely railroaded by the dealer?

“the timing belt was “off a couple of teeth””

Was the timing belt replaced prior to the start of these problems? If so, it sure sounds like the installer screwed up the belt installation, and that he should be responsible for resolving this problem–gratis.

If the belt was not recently replaced, then that would seem to indicate that you need a new timing belt tensioner. If the tensioner is up to snuff, the belt should not be “off” at all. And, if the dealership merely reinstalled the belt without replacing the tensioner(s) this problem will recur.

Also–has anyone checked for a restricted/clogged catalytic converter?

No the timing belt hasn’t been replaced yet, it only has 50,000 miles. The catalytic converter was my first thought when we got the code for a malfunctioning o2 sensor, but wasn’t sure why that would trigger a cam sensor error message.