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PT Cruiser Mechanic in Seattle

I have an older (2003) PT cruiser which I need to get checked out prior to some upcoming trips. At one time I found a place in Ballard which quoted exactly half price for a timing belt (chain?) vis-a-vis the local Chrysler dealer but I didn’t keep notes.

Anyone in this area know what I’m talkin’ about?


Sure. Private garages are often half the price of dealerships for the same job.

Or did I misunderstand the question?

what i’m trying to do is get a referral for a private garage. TIA

Click on the “mechanics files” below and plug in your zip code. There’s a bunch of recommended shops by car talk listeners. Read the reviews and make a few calls. Just remember opinions are just that and one person’s good experience may be another’s bad experience depending on your expectations.

Thanks for your input.

I had already attempted to use the “Mechanics File” link but the only listings were for inappropriate options (Econo Lube) or shops which are are extraeneous to my search (Volvo, Volkswagen, etc).

I guess I was thinking more along “Yelp” lines because I believe I found the aforementioned private garage from this forum.

Again, thanks for your input.

I will pursue “Yelp” and see what I can find. If it works out, I’ll be back to post.