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PT Cruiser Hates Rain

A couple of years ago I gave my 2007 PT Cruiser to my son. It was still under warranty in terms of millage, but of course the time period had expired. Although I never had any problems with the car…it has about 20-25 k …it slows, stalls, or outright quits when it rains or when there is excessive moisture in the air. He has had it in several times to a Chrysler dealership; however, they never find anything and consequently, the problem persists. It sounds like what use to happen to an old Pontiac I had,but it had carburator…this is of course fuel injected. Any ideal? Thanks, bob from Dakota

When was the last time the spark plug wires were changed? The problem is in the ignition system somewhere and the usual suspect is the plug wires. It could also be the coil or ignition module. Good luck Bob!

First of all, don’t take the car back to that dealer. They either know exactly what is wrong with the car, but won’t fix it for you, or they are incompetent and shouldn’t be trusted to change the oil. Actually, either way I wouldn’t let them change the oil.

You can try to isolate the problem this way: on a dry day, start the car and open the hood and just let some water from a fine spray nozzle fall on the engine and see what happens. If nothing happens, flood the body of the car with the hood closed until something either happens or doesn’t.
Last, spray under the car (upward) and see if any area causes a misfire or stall.

The idea is to at least identify what is failing when it rains or is very humid. If you wet the engine and the car misfires, you probably need new ignition wires.