PT Cruiser Harmonic Balancer Installatioin

I recently had a timing belt issue with my 2005 PT Cruiser 2.4 L non-turbo, and successfully replaced the belt (that is after several hours of installing, uninstalling the belt because the timing marks kept getting off). I am trying to finish up the job, and am having problems with the harmonic balancer installation. I tried to use the loaner tool at the local parts store, but discovered the OEM tool was not compatible with my car. I did some research and discovered that the job requires Special Tool 6792 to install the balancer. I have scoured the town, parts houses, and the internet trying to find the tool, and the only ones I can find are days away from arriving if I order it. Is there a work-around or shade-tree mechanic method of installing the balancer without this specialty tool? It is the only hold-up now for finishing the job. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Use a longer bolt. Be sure it threads in about 5 turns before it contacts the crank pulley. When the bolt bottoms out in the crank shaft remove the bolt and add a few washers and repete.

A metric all-thread shaft would be ideal if you can find it.

I will only add that before buttoning everything up you should rotate the engine through by hand a number of times and verify that marks align correctly after rotation with nothing hitting, etc.

Pretty sure this is an interference fit engine and what has been known to happen is someone (even regular mechanics are guilty of this) will assume everything is correct, hit the key, and hear the brief gnash of engine damage.
This kind of problem is not proprietary to Chrysler; it’s true of them all.

I did a rotation before getting to this. I spent almost 2-3 hours redoing the belt several times making the rotations and adjusting the tensioner to make sure it was good. On the advice of a friend of mine who has been a mechanic for years, I even briefly cranked the car to make sure everything was good and the broken belt didn’t mess anything up and the car ran smoothly. I just need to put the crank back on so I can finish putting the belts/mounts back on and finish the job. I will try the longer bolt solution. It had crossed my mind, I just wasn’t sure about the efficiency. Thanks to both of you.

Oh, forgot to mention, the 2-3 hours spent was because after the rotations, the timing marks always seemed to be off, I learned a valuable lesson in patience during this time.