PT Cruiser Electric Door Locks

A followup on my question of last week. My power door locks quit working so I checked the fuses-both good. I pulled the drivers door panel and found both ground positions had continuity but the hot post only read 5.62 volts. Is there a relay I have missed

to control this voltage and if so where, if not is this enough voltage to work the locks.

If the lead you took the voltage on really is a hot lead then that lead has a connection problem on it somewhere. You need to find out where the voltage is good on that lead (12 volts) and then follow it to the load and locate the bad connection. Most likely a dirty connection point in a connector or a broken wire. A common problem on older cars is broken wires in the door jam due to flexing of the wire harness.

I didn’t have the year, but on the wiring diagram for the 2001 that I looked at, it looks like there are no relays for the door locks unless they’re in the Remote keyless entry module. THis module gets power from the fuse block and sends a signal to lock the doors when commanded by the buttons. Unfortunately I can’t tell if it is a 12 volt signal or less. I would assume it’s 12 volts. WIth low voltage someitmes it is a bad ground. You said that “both ground positions had continuity”, I’d run a redundant ground to test it out. Then find this remote keyless entry module, remove the plugs, look them over really good, and reinstall them. It should have several wires going+
to its connector(s). It does sound like a wiring problem at this point.