PT Cruiser 2001 "door" light on dashboard will not go off indicating that a door may be open

Irradically the “door” light on the dash board will stay on indicating that there may be a door open and also making the overhead lights stay on. There is no rhythm to this except that after I drive it for 15 minutes in the morning to take an hour and a half long class, when I back up out of the parking space after the class, the light stays on the longest and this happens just about everyday. No other lights are lit up on the dash at that point. I have gotten out of the car several times and reclosed all the doors but the light still stays on. After I back up and drive for about a minute then most of the time the light goes off. The problem is that in addition to having the overhead lights on while I’m driving, the doors don’t automatically lock. One time when I was cleaning the interior of my car, I had all the doors open for a couple of hours. The Light stayed on for five days after that. (I know, don’t clean my car)