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Door open light

Sometimes when I get in my car I see that the light showing a car door is open is lit. At the same time the doors won’t lock. An investigation shows no doors open. Later the light may go out and the doors lock themselves. The situation most often occurs when it is damp or rainy.

On the same car the driving lights used to come on at dark when the switch was turned to the appropriate position. Now the driving lightes don’t come on but the parking lights do.

I think the car has spooks

Othere than that I love the car and it has given me 150000 miles of trouble free performance.

I would start by checking the door open switches.

Ford has installed the ‘door open’ switch in the door latch in recent years and the switch is notorious for failing and causing all manner of problems. It is easily removed after the door trim panel is out of the way. A simple 1/4 turn c/c frees it.

Let me add, once the trim panel is moved aside reach into the door and follow the wire to the switch. Remove the wire from the switch and then twist and remove the switch. It is often difficult to get the harness connector released once the switch is free.

My wife had a similar problem with her 98 Ford Windstar, except the lights and the door chime remained on after the door was shut. I sprayed CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the door latch mechanism while working the door handle. Cleaning the switch contacts fixed the problem.

Ed B.

Rod Knox I think that sounds correct . Now have you a solution for the headlights not coming on when the sun goes doen. It used to . I suspect the switch.