Pruis High Voltage Battery

Early failure of the HV battery: Mine failed at 80K miles followed by a failure of the Converter 5K miles later. Anyone else have this problem?

I don’t see a connection I would assume it was all covered by the warranty?

Model - Year ?

Talking to an old friend last week, he told me of other problems his brother has had with a Prius (purchased new), including a headlight issue that even Toyota had trouble fixing. He put over a thousand dollars into having working lights. I think that had he kept receipts he could have been reimbursed. He finally dumped the car.

Didn’t I read that many have water pumps that were inadequate and being replaced / recalled ?

Regarding the battery and converter. It confirms my belief that these “hybrids” aren’t the “best of both worlds” (gas / electric), but rather “you get both worlds” and problems associated with both.


The HV battery was covered, but the converter was NOT. What I don’t like is that now I only have a one year warranty on the HV battery. I assumed like you that it would continue to be covered until it reached 100K miles.