Pros/cons of a 2018 Chevrolet Cruze



whats the worst and best things about this car?


That is a question that almost has no answer . I guess your best bet would be look for Cruze forums or search the many test articles on the web . But seriously , what someone does not like about it may not bother you at all and what they like you may not. If you are considering one then go for a test drive .


Best thing is the car goes fast.

Worst thing is, the car doesn’t go fast enough.


Take a test drive in one and determine that you at least like driving it. Then research owner’s satisfaction and reliability (all available for $12 from Consumer Reports) before you make a decision.

Compare with similar vehicles from Honda (Civic), Toyota (Corolla), Mazda (Mazda3) etc.


Rent one for a long weekend.


I, being lazy, before leaving the comfort of my home shorts, would read reviews on edmunds, kbb, consumer report and watch bunch of youtube videos, then browse the forums. This helps me decide if it is worth a test drive. Usually you can find decent comparison videos on youtube videos for the same class of cars. See if you can live with the negatives. Then factor in the price difference and see which one is a better value for YOU.