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2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Would you buy another?

would you buy another one

Why are you asking ? A 2011 is now 8 years old so it should be treated just like any used vehicle.


Volvo is right, but there is one way to answer this question I like. I checked out the 2011 Cruze at Consumer Reports. CR has an “Owner satisfaction” rating that is based solely on owner reports. The Cruze earns the lowest possible score, 1/5. So, I think it is fair to say, most owners would answer “No.” The 2011 Cruze also earns an “Avoid like the plague” stamp of disapproval from our partner site, CarComplaints. This rating is also based on owner-reported trouble. Simply put, all of the owners’ reports available point to the 2011 Cruze as being one of the worst possible used car choices in America.

That’s a shame, because the recent diesel version would make a good candidate as a hurricane evacuation vehicle if it was a better car.

When people start fleeing the path of a hurricane, the gas stations run out of gasoline long before they run out of diesel.

IIRC, 2011 was the first year for the Cruze. Most manufacturers have more problems in the first year of a model, and the Detroit 3 seem to have more than the traditional Asian models.

I wouldn’t buy one, whether it was new or used.
But… if somebody is inclined to buy a “new” Cruze, he/she should hurry to their local Chevy dealership, because that model will be discontinued this year.

Think about it… If this car was truly competitive with similarly sized/priced models on the market, then it would be selling in sufficient numbers so that GM wouldn’t have made the decision to pull the plug on it. Low consumer interest as a result of its non-competitiveness led to low sales figures, and those low sales figures led to its demise.

Yep, the former big three seem to be getting out of the car market, focusing on the SUV models that generate most of their profits. Their attempts at economy cars have turned into disappointing loss leaders.

This reminds me of when Ford and GM got pushed out of the minivan market by Honda and Toyota. Chrysler is still holding on though; their minivans have a loyal following.

I expect eventually, Ford and GM might be pushed out of the SUV market the same way, and be left only with trucks. Jeep will always have the Wrangler though.

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For folks who… somehow… think that they need an off-road vehicle for commuting to work on paved roads…

You know, I almost never drive off-road, and I’m hearing the call of the Wrangler.

I want an old two-door model with the doors removed and a bikini top installed for rain. I want a vehicle I can install a snorkel on and drive through high water when it floods in Florida. I want something I can tow with and easily fit into a parking space. I want the modern equivalent of a street legal dune buggy with a water-cooled engine with more towing capacity than my Honda Civic.

My only problem is that I also want something that is comfortable for long trips, and the Wrangler ain’t it.

If I do get a Wrangler someday, it will be all stock (except for the snorkel); no lift kit and no big wheels, just a utility vehicle owned for its utility.

What about an H1 convertible? This one even has a snorkel. :grin: