Proportioning valve 81 malibu

has anyone remmoved this from the frame and mounted it on the booster/master cylinder. mines is leaking and is to close to my header its actually on the header. so im wanting to no is it possible and if so should i get one thats universal or one for a gm model im gettin one off ebay if possible thanks

If it is below the header/exhaust a simple heat shield should prevent any problem. But definitely you don’t want to get it hot.

its right up against it, and thats b4 the part were the pipe actually bolts up at.

Is the car street driveable? If the car is approaching “funny car” status you may need to re-engineer the brakes and eliminate the proportioning valve.

Yeah, you can move the valve if you feel you need it…But it will be a tricky job reforming all that brake line(s)…This valve prevents premature locking of the rear brakes. It also signals brake failure in either the front or rear brakes… Must be no emissions testing in your neighborhood…

nope its a going to be a daily, and no emissions i think im going to run it next to the master cylinder. im thinking it wont be to bad since i just changed the entire brake and gas line system but the frame was off the car then so i guess i see. im going to order it from ebay.

the car is 98percent done just have to do the dual exhaust, drive shaft, mirrors and thats about it and this brake system lol.

That sounds like an awful lot of sweat, blood, tears and money to put into an '81 Malibu…If it’s going to be a daily driver, you will regret the headers…The 3% power gain is not worth the problems they cause in a street car. Chevy has made some nice, low-restriction exhaust manifolds for the Small Block…

honestly i like it i did have long headers on it now it has shorties. this car came along way it was sapposed to be a race car but i grabbed it and made it a daily the 350 has a mild cam in it and was just rebuilt, heres a pix of the frame off.
i did put alot of sweat, blood and time in this car everything this car has is new from breaks to windshield i still have to get some nice rims for it though but its gettin there

Probably repositioned >50% of the cars I’ve restored/restified. But I never saw the need to move one so far. To clear headers, I usually just fabricate a mount from a piece of flat stock steel, heat and bend it to reposition the valve out of the way, shoot holes at either end; one to fasten the mount to the OEM frame hole and the other for the valve on the opposite end of the new mount. Then hand bend the brake lines just enough to reach the new location. No biggie.

i might try and just move it back i just saw the ones bolted to the master cylinder and it would makes everything easier. if u look really close at the frame it is reinforced in 1/4 and 3/16 metal witch pushed the valve closes to the header.

i ended up putting it next to the master cylinder ordered new valve and lines worked perfectly even learned how to flare brake lines thanks for all your input