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Need info on how brake lines are connected to the proportioning valve

Recently I just replaced a brake line I blew on my Rendezvous. The right rear line blew and I finally traced it to the proportioning valve port and ran a new line and spliced into the old where the line was still good. Yes, I used a union and doubled flared the fittings. Then when screwing the fittings back on the proportioning valve, another line broke because of corrosion. The Rendezvous, the way they are put together it is no easy feat to trace these brake lines out. Everything is so congested you can’t see anything even when laying under the vehicle. From reading another post here, I guess that the right rear and left front are connected together on one side of the proportioning valve and the left rear and right front are connected together on the other side. So it is a diagonal type of set-up correct? Well, I know where the right rear connects in the valve. The valve looks like this There are 6 ports. 4 on top and two on the rear side of the valve. The right rear line connects to the left rear port of the valve. So then the left front line would connect to the left top port, correct? I need to know if this is correct because I can’t trace by sight. So I will just run new lines to the wheels if I know what ports they go to. Thanks for your help.

Neither you, nor does the Amazon web site provide the year of this Rendezvous.:roll_eyes:


Sorry the year is a 2004.