Proper Repair of Door Damage

The valet parking company has managed to punctured 2 of my doors. From the pictures, does it looks like there are structural damage of my doors? The insurance company came back with an estimate to replace the outer skin of my doors. Is that a reasonable repair? Thanks in advanced.

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Front Door

Rear door

When the shop that does the repair if they find more than original estimate the insurance will be contacted. After the work is done if you don’t approve of the repair then don’t sigh for it.

Did they take a light saber to it?!

Obviously the skin needs to be repaired. Just want to be sure you noticed that there is damage to the front fender just in front of the door as well, and since it’s in line with the bottom damage line on the door, they probably did that too.

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Thanks! Yes, they are included in the estimate as well. I just want to know if I need 2 new doors :slight_smile:

I would like to know how the hell did this happen too but the valet company was very vague about the “accident” so I would never find out.

By the way the dealer has sent me more pictures. Looks like the sidebars are all intact and all the shell damages look like this

No structural damage. If there is any denting of the door frame, they’ll just straighten it out. New door skins are fine. What I would worry about is the paint match. That silver will be hard to match so make sure you are dealing with a good paint shop.

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Thank you, Bing! The car will be repaired by the in-house body shop of a Honda dealer. So hopefully they will match…fingers crossed


And it’d be the way I and any body shop would repair it. It’s less expensive than trying to fix the metal and the result is better.