Prologue - 2004 subaru - back again for more repairs! ugh!

It’s me again - the gasket person…I am now told I need a bearing on my transmission - at a cost of $1100. does this sound like a good price ? My car 10 year old car with 53,000 miles on it I guess is showing it’s age. would love some feedback. But-the place I take my car so far has had reasonable prices.

Only 53k miles in 10 years?
I am starting to wonder how well this car has been maintained if a bearing in a manual transmission needs to be replaced…

In any event, I suggest that you get a second opinion, but whatever you do, DO NOT go to a chain transmission shop like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or Mr. Transmission.

I would not go to a place like that for sure! I have maintained my car well - I don’t think it’s something I did. could it be related to the head gaskets being replaced ? The local shop said I could have driven over ice and hit something in the transmission - I will admit - I drive my car like it’s a tank in the winter- I don’t take it easy - I just drive thru whatever I my car will get me thru. I don’t drive my car that mush each year so I am off the book with recommended maintenance. I have spent very little money on my car up until the past 6-8 months.

It was garaged all of it’s like but I move 1 year ago and now it’s outside wonder if that has any impact on this.

“…I am now told I need a bearing on my transmission…”

What are the symptoms? Gear whine?

What kind of noise is present; whine, growl, rumble, etc?

Is the noise present all of the time or only while the car is moving?

Automatic or manual transmission? (Assumed to be an auto, but…)

The odds of a bearing failure in a Subaru transmission are extremely slim on such a low miles car unless there is some contributing factor such as a botched oil or fluid change, etc.

Once again I have to ask this question, did you bring it in for a problem and this was the diagnosis or were you just having regular maintenance (like an oil change) and the mechanic(?) “noticed” that you need this bearing? The answer is very important.

If you are a woman, it could be that someone is trying to sell you unnecessary work. (It does happen to men, too, of course, but maybe more often to women, unfortunately). I would be extremely skeptical and suggest that (a) you get a second opinion and (b) don’t believe anybody unless you can hear the noise yourself.