Subaru manual transmission problem

We have a '99 Subaru Legacy Wagon manual transmission. After changing the timing belt and the exhaust system for much money, the transmission began making a loud noise and we learned that the bearings are going. Do we fix it for $1600 or get rid of the car? It has 116,000 miles and we are the original owners.

Since you have a history with this vehicle and have already spent good money to maintain the engine and exhaust system the decision should be easy. I would get a second opinion on the transmission and have it repaired if it’s on it’s last legs. You won’t find a better car for the money so I vote keep it. It makes good financial sense since the life of the vehicle is only about half over.

You have a choice of keeping the car you know has a new timing belt and will have a good transmission for $1,600 or selling it and paying how much more for a new car or how much for a used one that may have more wrong with it than yours has now?

If it were me, I would keep it. You got over 10 years with it so far and that would work out to $160 per year. Not bad.

That said, I would get a second opinion before making any decision. Don’t get the second opinion from a Subaru dealer or a chain operation. Find a local independent mechanic.

Thanks for the replies. having just spent $3K on the timing belt/water pump, and the catalytic converter, it is hard to keep putting $$ out for this car. But truth is we don’t use it much… more of a vacation car and my husband commutes to work by subway so we can’t bring ourselves to buy a new car. And buying a used car is perhaps buying someone else’s problem. The engine is very good on the car and we have maintained it well over the years. Any more opinions?

If you just spent $3k on timing/water pump & cat converter you may want to find another mechanic to perform this work. Dealer?

The $3k should be $1500 for that type of work on a Subaru unless more than you describe was done.

You might provide some information about this loud noise.
Did this noise start abruptly?
Did this noise start immediately AFTER the latest repairs?
Describe the noise. (whining, grinding, buzzing, etc.)
Any very recent engine oil change?

Subaru manual transmissions are pretty good units for the most part and what I’m trying to decide here is if your car has a legitimate transmission fault or whether this is a bad diagnosis.