Problems with starting a diesel truck

My 2007 Dodge turbo diesel has problems strating after it becomes hot.
Cold start is great but after the truck has warmed up it has a really long crank time. In really warm weather the problem gets worse.

You need to visit you local Dodge dealer, and you should be prepared to write a check.

Genekofman, can you give me some more information such as how many miles you have, what outside “warm weather” is in degrees, and if you have a 5.9 24-valve or the 6.7 which was introduced in that model year.

Cummins uses a very unique (and VERY effective) air heating grid for cold-weather starts, as opposed to the traditional glow plug setup. The fact that you can start in cold-weather indicates that this system is more than likely working as expected. It also indicates that your injectors are healthy and producing a proper spray pattern for efficient autoignition because a symptom of worn injectors (like my bajillion miles powerstroke 7.3) is harder cold-starting and/or excessive smoking when cold.

What you need to do is visit a diesel specialty shop (because they’re going to have not only the proper software in their scanner tool, but a bloke with some knowledge) and have this thing scoped. I’m suspecting that you potentially have a bad sensor (and there are several of them that can cause this) that is at a stuck resistance value that is causing fuel delivery to be less than ideal when warmer air is flowing into the engine.

Where are you located? I can ask around for a reputable specialty shop in your area.