Diesel Engine Starting Problem



I have a 93 Chevy 6.5 Turbo Diesel Dually Truck. when the engine is cold, the glow plug light comes on and the engine starts up immediately. After running the engine for an hour or so and then shutting it off, when you try to restart the engine, it will not start. I have to wait at least two hours and pour water over the engine to let it cool down in order to get the glow plug light to come on again and the engine to start.

I have had this truck to my mechanic half a dozen times in the last two months for the same problem. He has replaced the Fuel pump, the glow plug relay, the starter, some wires, etc and NOTHING works. Each time he assures me it is fixed and each time I take it home the same problem arises. This is driving me CRAZY!! I’m about ready to get rid of this thing as I already have way more money into repairs than it is worth. Any ideas??? Thanks


I don’t think your problem is glow plug related at all. The purpose behind glow plugs is to heat the cylinders for easier combustion of the fuel air mixture. After the truck has been started once the glow plugs are not needed unless it is really cold. I would think it was an electrical issue but I need to do some research first. I will post back on this issue later tonight.


I found this truck site very helpful in understanding my stepfathers 95 6.5 turbo diesel:


He is on 5th injection pump covered by extended warranty. Not sure if your year had that problem, but the website I listed had a least one diesel tech that was extremely helpful/knowledgeable.


Have a DIESEL shop check the compression. THAT’s what fires your engine. If it has proper compression and fuel, it WILL start. How many miles on this engine?


I’ll second the possible low compression diagnosis.


Maybe the problem is the mechanic?


Any luck Michael?


Thank you for the web site.


It has 112,902 registered miles.