What is the max warm up needed for 2 year old diesel box truck?

What is the time nesseary to warm up a 2 year old duely box diesel truck? Especially one parked on a residential street where the exaust sends oily dust out to the neighbors. {I read in C&C that shut down time of 1 minute to clear the turbo is plenty.]

Modern diesels need little or none warm up and cool down times. They also don’t send lots of smoke out when functioning properly.

I don’t know that engine however and there are some old technology engines still out there.

Need the make and engine to know for sure.

My 07 Dodge Cummins is generally ready to go as soon as I start it up. It does however take a few miles to completely warm up.

My 95 F250 took forever to warm up. The Navistar engine in the Ford had a waste gate on it that blew hot exhaust over the engine until it warmed up in cold weather. If you left out before the engine warmed up, the waste gate would aggravate the crap out of you. You’d get up to 40 mph, the gate would open and you could cram the fuel pedal to the floor and it wouldn’t go. Generally it’d slow down about 15 or 20 mph till the gate closed.

The warmer a diesel is, the happier it is. The morning smoke on a cold morning is almost always white smoke meaning it’s mostly water vapor not dust.