Problems with squirrels & my Xterra


So I drive my Nissan Xterra every day, 20+ miles or so & I’ve been having squirrels build nests under my Xterra’s hood. There are two other cars that park out in our driveway OUTSIDE that have never had problems with squirrels. For the second time in 4 months, squirrels have chewed through the harness of cables inside the hood…
Any recommendations short of buying a pellet gun of how to get the squirrels to leave my car alone? I work retail–I don’t have money to keep replacing this harness & my insurance isn’t as amused anymore with the squirrels…


Sprinkle moth-balls around the truck…it’ll keep them away.


I have set rat traps baited with peanut butter. It won’t keep them away, you’ll have to get rid of the dead ones.