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Problems with 2006 Chevy Impala

We have had 3 Impala’s and never had these problems. 1) the driver window screeches when I put it down (automatic windows); the dealer says it needs to be lubricated. no other window does this on that car or the prior ones. it is high-pitched and gets looks from anyone nearby. i think the dealer is giving me a line because i am a female.

2) when the car warms up and has heat, and I stop at a light, the air blows cool. again, they found no problem. makes no sense to me (after driving for miles it still gets cool when idling or stopped). same response from the dealer.

Don’t go there. Really. If they don’t want to fix anything for your money, take it somewhere where they will. You don’t have to know why it squeaks, you just have to tell someone to fix it and ask how much it will cost. Auto glass place and auto air conditioning and radiator place.

I agree with Please. Unless it is under warranty, and I would guess it is not, you would likely be better off going to an independent mechanic rather than the dealer. Independents are not better, but they are generally cheaper and just as good.

Both of these problems should be fixable the cold air should be cheap to fix. The screech likely will cost more and could be reasonable or expensive depending on the problem.

Number 1 sounds feasible. No other window does that on the car because the driver’s side window is used 1000% more than the other windows. They’ll pull the door panel and use silicone lubricant, or white lithium grease to lube the window regulator, and then use silicone spray on the inside of the felt window track. I’ve done it many times to many cars.

Number 2… less likely. Obviously the car is supposed to have heat all of the time. I can see how this would be a tricky-to-diagnose problem, and they probably did not want to spend excessive time diagnosing it and then trying to make the repair. That is clearly NOT a good service philosophy, but understand that it probably has less to do with you being a woman and more to do with the fact that GM dealerships are getting raked over the financial coals and they seem to be picking and choosing the repair jobs that will make them money, these days.

I agree with these gentlemen, take it somewhere else.