Impala has a leak

I have a 2008 Chevy Impala. Problem: when I drive the car in the rain, water leaks in from somewhere and my feet and legs get wet. I’ve had it to the dealership 4 times and they “can’t find the problem”. Needless to say I’m frustrated and unhappy. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Try on a nice day sitting inside and have a friend spray the car liberally with a garden hose, concentrating on the neopreene gaskets around the doors, windows, and windscreen. Have your friend spray liberally toward the vent in front of the windshield too.

This car is still under warranty, isn’t it? If your Chevy dealer won’t fix it take it to another dealer.

Time To Play The “Lemon Law” Card To Speed A Solution?
What does your state’s DMV or Secretary Of State Office say about four strikes?
You may be entitled to a new car (or a quicker resolution).


Why are you tolerating this situation? It is not your responsibility to provide either a diagnosis or a solution to the problem. That responsibility rests with the dealer(s) and/or the manufacturer.

Time to finally research the details on the Lemon Law in your state, and to press the issue with GM!

Have Your Windows Ever Fogged Up While Running The Heater/Air Conditioner Fan On “High”?

Has the dealer checked for or performed a TSB?

A Technical Service Bulletin that applies to some 08 Impalas calls for installation of a filter to prevent water from the drain hole under the plenum being drawn into the HVAC system.

I was just wondering if in some cases if this water could be in quantities beyond window fogging and result in over-flowing and leaking.

I would inquire. Dealers have access to this information.


The Dealer has never acknowledged that a problem exists (never made any repairs) so the Lemon clock has not started running. Just because you the customer says the car has a problem doesn’t mean it does.

I just found that I have access to a AllData type web site AARC I believe and it has all TSB’s and recalls included. I get access just because my Community college subscribes to it (along with several hundred otherdata bases). The site is pretty good with high quality photos on things like interior trim removal and schematics. One thing they do not give repair or diagnostic info on are SRS systems, this must be restricted due to liability. Amazing what you find by going (online) to the library. I will take a look and see if the TSB you mention is listed.

Your TSB is there #08-08-64-014, The site is ARRC. If anyone needs this kind of info I will be happy to look it up. I have not tried a schematic download yet, I have my Algebra final tomorrow and the a paper to complete by Monday so I am a little busy but I would be happy to provide the public with Recall and TSB info.