Problems with 2001 Toyota Solara


Hello, I’ve been having some problems with my car that I’m starting to think might be related. Rather than a long story, I’ll just list the problems and when they started happening.

1. The car kicks rather strongly to the right - this has been happening for over a year.

2. Last winter (around November), I began hearing a creaking sound when I turned the wheel - it seemed to be much worse on very cold days.

3. Last spring (or maybe sooner - I didn’t notice the noise until I started driving with the windows down), I started noticing a kind of a very soft puttering noise. It sounds kind of like the wheel of fortune wheel being spun, but fairly quiet.

4. 1 or 2 months ago, I started noticing a soft squeaking / whistling sound when I go over bumps in the road. This has been getting gradually louder.

For problems 1-3, the mechanic has been telling me they are not problems and not to worry about them. For problem 4, he said some time in the near future I should have the shocks replaced. I’ve heard from a few other friends, however, that the problem is much more than the shocks and the mechanic should have fixed these problems a long time ago. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be and how dangerous it is? I’m really clueless when it comes to cars. Thanks!


Get a new mechanic. Find a shop specializing in suspension and steering problems (it likely will do alignments as well). Have them take a look at it and tell you want needs to be done.

I would not want to drive that car like that.  I would not even like to drive it to the shop.


I agree strongly with Joseph. Have this towed to a reputable independent shop. It sounds like there’s a real possibility that you may have a CV joint ready to come apart. If that happens you may lose all control of the vehicle.

You could also have other problems like a bad ball joint ready to come apart, but that can be extremely dangerous too.

Don’t go back to that mechanic that’s been telling you these things.

  • mountainbike