Problems filling the gas tank in cold weather

I have a 2007 Toyota Prius, and I love it. however, I am becoming annoyed because, when the temperature drops below 40 degrees or so, the gas pump handle will click off when the tank is only slightly above 3/4 full. then I have to squeeze, and the handle pops again within about 2 seconds. I seldom get the tank full because I get tired of guessing until the gas spills out of the filler tube. what is going on?

I don’t know what is going on, but on one of my cars, I have to pull the nozzle out and inch or so and the “click off” syndrome disappears. If this does not work for you, try another gas station. Years ago, my Caprice would not fill up properly at any EXXON station but was OK at Shell, Texaco or others.

The problem is fill-up interuptus. aka …back pressure. Usually the system works to prevent you from overfilling and not polluting the environment with gasoline.

It happens regardless of what gas station I use. I am aware of the back pressure safety, and this ain’t it. Withdrawing the handle a few inches does nothing to remedy the problem. It’s really annoying.

It can be several things. One of the more common is a damaged charcoal filter. This can happen when you top off the tank when filling it. If you look around in the owner’s manual or around the filler area, you will likely see a warring about doing this. Of course there are other ways the system can become damaged.

In other cases one or more hoses to the tank may be kinked. some people have found that their car and the pumps at some stations just don’t get along. You might try a different station.